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What can we learn from the film #kony2012

I must admit I haven’t watched the film yet, waiting till the uproar die's down so can concentrate on the context around the film which for me is more intresting. A conversation on failbook:

We already know this so why do we have to wait for the right wing to teach us this, its frustrating #kony2012 #actavisam
In the short history of social media, Kony2012 is now the most viral video ever, having reached 100 million views inside six days. Its success has been quickly examined by media analysts and some of the early findings are fascinating for what they reveal about the spread of information in the new me...
    • Tabs Troughton 
      Did you post this (comment on Craig Murray's site)? Google is an Israeli company. Mossad + NSA provided US tax-payer’s dollars for the start-up and operational funding for and run google as an intelligence gathering oeration, it’s their cre...See more
    • Tabs Troughton Quote starts at "Google is..."
    • Paul O'Connor We obviusly just haven't made a film which is slick, engaging and sharp enough for the DIY culture to embrace and want to spread. We have a lot to learn from the Bible bashing evangelists!
    • Hamish Campbell Well its more to do with seeding the jump off than the vehicle doing the jump (though a fast car is needed). the car would't go very far with out the ramp, we should be building the ramp - this is what is about - but on the left nobody is getting involved - lots of holes in the mud and no ramp (:
      Radical altermedia
    • Hamish Campbell ‎Tabs Troughton this is all documented in a non conspiratorial frame of mind - I have talked to you a lot about this over the last 10 years - can you quote me on some of it (:
    • Tabs Troughton quote you where? x
    • Hamish Campbell ‎Paul O'Connor there film didn't go viral because it was good, it went viral because they built a ramp to lornch it off - important not to learn the wrong thing (:
    • Hamish Campbell Were every you can (: as this is a subject i know lots about, and I have lots of practical experience about how useless we are on the progressive side at doing it... we have a solution to this problem but progressives have a strong tendency to be to "stupidly individualist" to make it happen.
      Radical altermedia
    • Hamish Campbell That last one was for Tabs.
    • Paul O'Connor 
      I disagree Hamish Campbell The Kony2012 film went viral because it is very well done AND had a launch pad. The film is very clever in bringing in relevant things at the right time for the very audience it is aimed at. It talks personally to...See more
    • Mat Hutchinson · Friends with Justd Murphy and 10 others
      Have you seen my wall dude, he's been caught wanking in public ! :)
    • Ben Pritchett · Friends with Paul O'Connor and 3 others
      Yes Paul, I think you nailed it with the "massive budget"... I don't think there is much to learn here except "be born rich"
    • Hamish Campbell 
      Ben Pritchetttt and Paulo'O its like fanny's film, a product of connection and privilege and this mirage is a dangerous one for progressive movements... as we rarely don't have these... and if we are "theatregoing anufe" we wont get them (...See more
    • Tabs Troughton 
      ach Hamish: the 'progressives' come from all sorts of backgrounds, of connection and privilege too. as for 'stupidly individualistic' me i am an individual and i would expect no less a realisation from others. how can anyone think or belie...See more
    • Hamish Campbell The spelling went completely wrong in my last post "Franny" "threatening".Tabs Troughton read the research on linking and the progressives do come from all sorts of backgrounds that's why I give an example of Franny?
      Linking is currently a real failure in radical media sites
    • Hamish Campbell On a companion subject, dose anyone mind if I move the text from this FB conversation to my blog as FB is rather memoryless and has a main resion to feed corporate advertising. On FB we are the product for sale...
      About Me Founder of visionOntv, has worked with Undercurrents for many years. Hi...See more
    • Tabs Troughton paul, yep, would be quite interesting to try and 'do a Kony2012' but also quite unsavoury, since the message seems to be both partisan and simplistic with an implicit but unstated agenda.
    • Tabs Troughton No, don't mind moving the conversation - good idea. Would let it run for a bit here maybe. To get back to your analogy, sure you need a ramp, but without the car the ramp is useless. don;t diss either!
    • Hamish Campbell Paul O'Conner it would be good to do a "Kony2012" but were is our launchpad, at the is no way we can build this with out a LOT more help and linking.
      Radical altermedia
    • Tabs Troughton i mean, the activist equivalent of Kony2012 would be a bit like the Mark Thingy (you know, the spy) stuff as portrayed in that doc specifically in Iceland - tents, fires...naked hippies...good causes...I guess you could always mash tha t up? Would be quite funny.
    • Tabs Troughton Trouble is, activists generally have a sense of humour.
    • Tabs Troughton hamish your 'problem' is that your 'launchpad' is not allied to a fanatical cause full of brainwashed devotees. i don;t actually think that is a problem?
    • Hamish Campbell it would be a nice problem to have (:
    • Hamish Campbell On a small scale this side project is going very well active members.
      The biggest global Occupy code sprint yet, the Occupy Spring of Code.
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