Am a documentary film-maker and journalist covering environmental issues. Am making a feature length documentary on this subject.

This is a fassmer CLR-C 7.2 A davit launched lifeboat, which are designed for exceptional and quick performance under the most severe conditions. Totally enclosed, they are compact and modular, designed to fit into tight spaces and to operate easily. I bought it  STONEHAVEN Aberdeenshire UK, ALAN JOHNSTON 07759 421998

Fassmer Type

CLR-C 7.2


Max Capacity 








Weight (kg)



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Europe waterways

Escaping the UK if it all becomes to much...

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Lifeboat to liveaboard conversion

Am thinking about getting one of these to covert into a live-in open media centre. They vary from 7-9m in length and have seating (like sardines) for 30-60 people. 

Proposed mission would be to: 
* remove most of the seats to open the space up 
* paint it so it wasnt bright orange (need a good weeks dry weather to 
do this) 
* put in some very basic live in space, bed, table etc. 
* fit some basic solar panels, batterys etc. 
* steam punk it up a bit. 

This would be done wombling style if anyone wont's to help. 

They are fresh off oil rigs so should be in working condition with all survival gear in them.  It seams that one of the reasons the is a lot of surplus lifeboats is that oil rig workers are getting fat (PDF) so the current lifeboats aren't large anufe.

Am going up to Scotland to have a look (and maybe buy) end of the week, then put it on the river lee/canal to do the rest of the fitting out over the summer.

Outline cost of liveaboard in the UK

BSS costs (4 years) £150

insurance (1 year) £120

Gold licence, all rivers and canals (1y) £643 (less for only rivers or canals)

Craning off truck into water on river lee £142

Red diesel Propulsion is about 0.75ppl


Licence initially would be continues cruising - Optional cost Mooring £1000-5000 (1y)


Here is the law on continues cruising – you can stay for two weeks in many spots


Here is the width of canals - Red and blue are good for the lifeboat size wise - Gray likely not

The is breakdown cover for boats like the AA - river rescue 

Things to look at:


Lifeboat dft (PDF) 

BSS handbook

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I am considering buying a similar fibreglass lifeboat to live upon. How has it gone for you.Any updates? Would be good to hear.
Posted on 16/08/14 09:00.
See some of these on the canal. They look awful. Almost as bad as the boats with poorly constructed sheds on.
Please don't.
Posted on 28/11/14 12:36.

Working on the boat - insulation

Insulation is importent for comfort and to stop rot/rust issues with condensation on boats.

The will have an added effect of absorbing/dampening engine noise - as I have herd that the lifeboats can be very noisy. Its going to be expensive - around £500 but can leave this till the end of the summer.

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