Some Radical Media on 26march

The 86 radical media films made during #26march are all on just click on the grassroots icon.

And the VANLondon crew have spent 3 days building the grassroots voice's history of the day - a HUGE undertaking feel free to link and embed every were.

Its a Party

It's a "happening" party so you gotta come prepared

Bottle, nibbles and dress for your happening.

As usual to get past the door, you need to bring a "happening" that is a short performance, could be a magic trick, a speech, a song or poem, a one act theatre piece, its up to you. Ever one arriving will be given a numbered ticket and these numbers will be pulled from a hat during the night to make things happen (:

To get the address message one of us with your happening!

This time it's actually a celebration for Hoon and Richard's birthday!

April  2nd, 2011 - 8:00 pm - London

Sukey and the light bulbs filled with ammonia tweet

*** UPDATE it seams this is a incorrect storie as Sukey Did not repost tweet from MET ***


This is a problematic tweet from @sukey did they confirm this before putting it out as the MET have a long recorded history of lieing to justify there often violent behaver. Often after publicly smearing the innocent people involved have to pay out compensation to hush this violent/lieing and illegal behaver up.


Some more little things you can do to be ready for Saturday!

Some more little things you can do to be ready for Saturday!

1) Make your website or blog into a media destination:

Embed the anti-cuts video player on your site or blog.

Embed the live-updating timeline in your blog or site.

2) Print out the video templates for easy reference on the day.

Join the London Video Activist Network - /

3) Come down to the VANLondon Media Centre at University of London Union, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY, any time on Saturday (we will be there for breakfast! It won't close until 10pm or so.) 

4) If you're not able to get onto the streets, but have broadband, join in with the coverage through the live-updating timeline

Send Marc an email ( if you can spare any time for this on Saturday.

Why aren't more people using animoto to tell there stories?

Its strange that more campining groups havent been useing animoto as its a perfict way for non-filmakers to tell a story with video as can be seen by this letter to the met film which when't viral with over 40K views which is a lot for an actavist video.

Find out how to do it your self

How to get involved in citizen / independent journalism on March 26

Some ideas from visionOntv

Get the best anti-cuts / direct action video flowing into your website or blog:

Join the London Video Activist Network -
Come to a London VAN meeting:
Tuesday 15 March, 7pm, Pembury Tavern, Hackney 
Sunday 20 March, 7.30pm, ReallyFreeSchool, The Hand and Racquet, 48 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7HA (tbc)
Learn how to make rapid-turnaround video reports -
Also, stay tuned to these independent media projects, and get involved:

Remember that the nuclear industry have always lied... #Japan #nuclear

Remember that the nuclear industry have always lied, with the explosion destroying all the cooling infrastructure its looking like a bad outcome. And them admitting they are pumping sea water to cool the core, the steam and super heated water has to go somewhere. All they are left with is a very hot steel container filled with corroding melting nuclear reaction spurting radioactive steam and water. Remember that the nuclear industry has always lied, if you live down wind or down current I would think about moving.

Just a though, as the are no clear views in these situations.

Alt Media + Grass roots reporting for March 26th TUC Demo


Alt Media + Grass roots reporting for March 26th TUC Demo

Saturday 12th March, 3pm - 6pm @ ULU (as part of March26 AAC Prep Weekend)

Calling all film makers, video shooters, audio recorders and radio enthusiasts, photographers, twitter reporters, DIY media makers, bloggers and writers. Together we are stronger >> Come and prepare and co-ordinate together for covering the massive March 26th demonstrations and actions >> Join Indymedia London and other projects including radio stream coverage, visionOntv and Reel News in discussing and developing plans for collaboration and grass roots reporting of the demonstrations >> If you have a project already underway come and present it, if you want to get involved come along ready to participate.

University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY

Room numbers tbc

Thoughts on alt-organising from 2007

Alt-grouping and sustainability

This isn’t a statement of truth more a way to help look at a recurring problem, and to help active participants to mediate the problem to a better outcome.

It is to do with the sort of people who get involved at each stage of an alt-project's development. This is of course a generalization as people do fall into more than one grouping and shift between groupings during the project. Written from 10 years of direct practical experiences of the many different alt-groups that share the same dynamics.

First to look at the terms used:

Getting things done people

Are more interested in things happening than the process, though their process, as far as it goes, tends to be good otherwise they wouldn’t “get things done”.

Working people

Are the unsung heroes who do much of the work but receive little recognition. They are the “sustaining” core of any alt/project.


I am using the term in the positive sense to mean those who create and can work in structures. They solidify the project and thus sustain it, but when caught up with the “theorists” (who they are attracted to) and the “life stylist” groupings, they can institutionalize the dysfunctions as much as the original function.


Are a troubled “category” in alt-projects. The “consensus decision making process” tends to marginalize them as nobody has a “larger say” than anybody else. So their input, whether good or bad, tends to be submerged into “lifestyles”. Theorists who have come through any of the first 3 categories should defiantly be listened to with positive (but critical) ear. However this rarely happens as, as with the sort of “critical input” you are reading now, they have a tendency to come across as unfriendly to the majority of the project at stage 7 (the gathering) when these voices are most needed.

Life stylists

Grow out of the “hangers on” and are drawn to any open successful alt-project. At their best they “metamorphose” into one of the other categories and sustain the project. A sustainable alt-project has a clear and open way of facilitating this transformation. (or on the other side/more regularly is a functional closed project which also helps to keep the lifestyle drain to a minimum)

Project time line

1) “Getting it done” sort of people with inner drive start a project.

2) Soon mixed with “working people” and the few “bureaucrats”.

3) “Getting it done” people start to specialize into parallel projects. The weight of the project starts to fall onto the “working people” and increasingly the “bureaucrats”. We start to see “theorists” coming out of the first 3 categories and coming in from outside. “Hangers on” start to gather and a pronounced “lifestyle” side to the project begins to emerge.

4) The “getting it done” people start to burn out or move completely onto other projects. The “bureaucrats” start to be central to sustaining the project supported by the “working people’. The “lifestylists” start to form into groups around the “theorists”, and the "working people" are drawn into these groups.

5) The project is at its height but also starting to decay. Hopefully it can stay at this plateau for a period. The core project is the bureaucrats supported by the “working people” who are not fully caught up in “lifestyle” groupings. The lifestyle groups hopefully give as much energy as they take, but they are starting to exclude new “working” and “getting it done” people until the project starts to become dysfunctional.

6) The few remaining “getting it done” people with the longstanding “bureaucrats” and “working people” start to react against the decay, which sparks a debate amongst the “theorists” and “lifestylists” which generally paralyses any affective action to rejuvenate the project. The “bureaucrats” and “getting it done” people, alongside the majority of groups, call for a gathering to attempt to rejuvenate the project.

7) The gathering suffers from “the tyranny of structurelessness”, leading to a renewal of good will, but the consensus of the gathering exclude the “getting it done” and long term “bureaucrats” as they feel they cannot impose their view on the group. The consensus is created by the “life stylists” and “theorists” who have no or little experience of “getting things done”. Thus generally achieves little and refuse to even see the root causes of the project decay.

This process repeats itself with more or less success for a time depending on the particular nature of the project. For only practical action will keep the “bureaucrats”, “working people” and the now distant “getting it done people” engaged.

One of the parallel projects started by the “getting it done” people then draws the “working people” and “bureaucrats” that haven’t burned out into a new cycle. The burn-outs return to mainstream organizing/life.

This has been an attempt to give people a glimpse into the churning activist world, and help them make informed decisions on how sustainable to get involved – I hope it helps in small ways.

The Internet is dead! Long live the Internet?

Here is the proposal as actually submitted to Opentech.

The Internet is dead! Long live the Internet?#

Not a talk, but a series of 10 studio shows, combined with on-the-job training in visionOntv's revolutionary live-editing with laptops. This would best be done in a public space such as the bar (noise during breaks means tea-time for all!) We will book key conference speakers in advance. The shows will be distributed to all main video hosting sites, the conference website and all embedders of visionOntv's plugandplay channel.

The debates:

Net neutrality – still campaigned about, but isn't the internet as an egalitarian peer-to-peer network actually finished already?

What will the state/corporate legislative attack on file-sharing actually do to it? And what will the attack on file-sharing do to freedom?

Darknets as an alternative – what are the issues?

How could mesh networks really work socially to create our own telecom infrastructure?

What can we really do about the virtual monopolies held by eg youtube for video, facebook for social media?

When facebook declines like myspace, how can we prevent another single corporation taking over?

The “hamster cage” problem. How could enough people care that they're incarcerated, when the wheels and toys inside it are so shiny, and all their furry friends are trapped there as well?

Where next for radical media?

What do we really mean by open, industreat  standerds?

Linking: being more than the sum of our parts, rather than not even the sum of our parts.

Who killed the internet?

Why can't we compete with corporate solutions? Is it only to do with money? The problem of geek culture (Martin and the geek manifesto)

Building tools not a brand – the problem of the dysfunctional open source business model (Build vlc, not Miro. Build a movement like ukuncut based on a hashtag and aggregation rather than a brand...)


We would like to hold the session as a TV chat show running in a public space (possibly the bar area). This can be run in parallel with other workshops. It may be too noisy during breaks, which is fine, as a cup of tea is good!

During the day we would run an on-the-job training on how to produce live-edit TV shows with a laptop.

The main subject for this studio is: The radical foundations of the Internet as an egalitarian peer-to-peer network are now visibly compromised by a combined corporate/state attack. Net neutrality, still campaigned for in the US (though sadly not here), is actually finished. We are moving inexorably toward a twin-track internet, where corporate content will be privileged over independent content, thus breaking one of the founding principles of the net. Meanwhile, copyright enforcement legislation continues to be enacted throughout the world, obliging ISPs to grass up their file-sharing customers for the preservation of an antiquated business model. In addition, large virtual monopolies have grown up, youtube for video, facebook for social media. However temporary facebook's hegemony may be (merely the new myspace), it is likely to be replaced not by a multiplicity of new applications and a diversity of media, but instead by another globally dominant single corporation.

While the internet is terminally ill, at the same time, it is likely that for most people it will continue to work "well enough", so there is a real danger that people won't care or even know that at base it has gone. The internet is being sabotaged and monopolized largely by stealth, and people may well be happy to play in the colourful hamster cages, and not care that they can't get out.

The internet has to re-built. What are the alternatives to the corporate net?

What are the issues with darknets?

What hope is there for a mesh networks to create our own telecom infrastructure?

During the session we will produce 10 creative-commons shows of 10 minutes each which will be distributed to all main video hosting sites and embedded on visionOntv, the conference website, and all embedders of visionOntv's plugandplay channel.

We can also cover issues such as: where next for radical media?, technology, licensing and standards,

Controversial areas to cover: Who killed the internet?

The failure of geek culture Are the proposed solutions just repetitions of the problems? (For instance, Diaspora only works if invisible to corporate networks.)

Work with the one we've got? As soon as you're successful, it stops working.

We need peer-to-peer tools - open standards, API, miro faded when they took the skinning out of it - was locked down as a Miro product. Build a brand like ukuncut - a mash-up and a hashtag - did not build a brand, built tools instead - they built a movement. No marketing of the brand - got people to use their hashtag. vlc has no name - 30 million users - just build a better tool. A tool needs to become a brand.

US government took away 200 domain names last year.

wikileaks - 2 server moves - funding cut -

Your peer-to-peer tools - (to get against the client /server network) - internet is still in theory a P2P network, but not practically, when google serves 65% of the video in the world.

Then when those tools are put on the slow track, you need a mesh-net.

Why can't we compete with corporate solutions? Is it to do with money?

Unbranded building blocks - open industrial standards, problem, though - GNU linux did not work like that - did not define their overall structure well.

(Liferay though does work in that way - sthg sthg compatible portlet framework - industrial standard open source java standard.)

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