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Making History

Making History

* is the open actavist/grassroots archiveing project that "Resistance Exhibition" is the UK flow.

* Travelling open commons / archiving project     

* boating europe (outline the trip)

* Applying for Lush central funding, with match funding / organizing from local Lush shops         

* 8 venues over 2 years in 5-8 Europen countrys

* partner with local groups in each city (students, campaigning groups/ngo and Radical Grassroots) these will facilitate venue and outreach/publicity at each city/festival.

* Updateing the existing texts and pictures from Resistance UK exhibition and repack into A2 printed laminates to start the expo.

* This will be complemented with local physical objects ( banners, stickers, flyers, gas masks..) and original audio/video stories. 
* Equipment needed: scanner / video capturing laptop / 5 x mp3 recorders / LED projecter/ budget for printing / Part-time pay for 2 people 6/8 month of work / running costs (trasport, electricity, Internet...)

* Outcome: unique collection of original material from across European countriesuploaded and stored in a open distributed repository.

Making History.

Basic solar power for lifeboat

Here is a list of components to get basic solar power working on a converted liveabord lifeboat.

Can get from here or here  for about £130 each, will need two.

Then you have a choices of 2 different type of charge controller, possibly unreliably but more efficient MPPT or a bog standard cheap PWM controller - to start out I would probably go for the cheap controller.

MPPT have to import from china here or here  for around £80

Or a very cheap basic controller here for around £12

Then you would need a length of 6mm cable and a pear of MC4 combiners

The boat currently has 4 starter battery wired up into 2 separate redundant 24V banks, I would re-wire one of these as 12v and use that for a while.


Have to test a all the wires and find out what is 12v and what 24v

Have to find out which bank of battery is live

Fitting out

Then get some 3 way car cigarette splinters, good soled wire and 5m of LED lighting strip, more info here





Another lifeboat on the river Lea

This is another liveaboard lifeboat conversion from the 1950's on the river Lea.


Who is building a submersible?

Anybody won't a heavy duty belt driven water pump or compressed air system to support 60 people and a big engine for 10 minutes - perfect for those build your own submersible project. Give away to an interesting project or low cost/exchange for work on lifeboat.

Repair fibreglass boat

Work to do before painting the outside of the boat. Reparing dings, scraps and dents. Filling in the missing grounting on joins and waterprofing leeking nuts and bolts.

The Man who bought a lifeboat

The truck arrives from Scotland.

Lifting the boat.

In the air.

To the water.

On the way to London.

Steve helping with a low bridge.

Had to get 14 cyclist as ballast on her the next day to get under the bridge.

Underway agen.

The locks are easer with two people, harder with only me.

Might just get there (:

Arrive in Hackney.

Home on the river.

The dangerous boat certificate (BSS)

Am making a documentary about moving off the traditional grid and alternative lifestyles in the face of climate change. This is a brief story about how bureaucratic processes can make the world more dangerous rather than, as some people imagine, more safe.

I have bought a very solid, German built, lifeboat fresh off a north sea oil-rig to convert to a live aboard video production studio. The boat had been installed on the rig for 12 years, and has just being started up and tested for safety every 6 months. The north sea oil safety certification is one of the highest standards in the world for boat safety and the boat has passed this. The boat is built throughout like a tank and every component is top of its class.

I bought the boat and 3 months later I put it into the British canal and river network. For this I have to get a licence, insurance and a boat safety certificate (BSS). The first stage is the BSS this is a basic test of mechanical safety of the boat fuel, electrics, and fire safety, it is obviously much less rigorous than that needed for a boat operating in the North Sea, The tickbox safety test is designed for British boats yet the lifeboat has high standard sea going components source from Germany and Scandinavia which do not tick these simplistic boxes.

The boat failed the basic BSS because it has fuel hoses that are not marked with the appropriate British ISO standard. These are the original high quality hoses with brass screw on connectors, they have passed 12 years of safety checks for boat operating in the north sea but fail the tick box of the BSS. It seems that I have to now replace these excellent German made hoses, with cheap Chinese fuel hoses bought off Ebay, the the screw on brass connectors have to be hacksawed off and replaced with cheap strap on jubilee clips. This tick box “bureaucracy” will make the boat less safe and durable, not more so, hence the BSS becomes the “Dangerous boat certificate”.

I hope to get some common sense from the BSS engineer to resolve this before I start hacking at the boat. If this doesn’t happen it will make a entertaining and DAMNING indictment of the BSS process in the finished 1 hour documentary “The man who bought a lifeboat” out in 2015.

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