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The Coders Song Lyrics

hummm the video is different version to the lyrics order, but you get the idea

You noble coders all stand up now, stand up now
You noble coders all stand up now
The openweb to maintain sing dotcons by name
Your codeing does maintain and persons all defame
Stand up now, stand up now

With activertpub and CSS and html stand up now, stand up now
With activertypub and CSS and html , stand up now
Your freedom to uphold sing dotcons are bold
To kill you if they could and rights from you to hold
Stand up now coders all

The lawyers they conjoin stand up now stand up now
The lawyers they conjoin stand up now
To arrest they advise, such fury they devise, the devil in them lies
And hath blinded both their eyes
Stand up now, stand up now

The media they come in stand up now, stand up now
The media they come in stand up now
The media they come in and say it is a sin
That we should now begin our freedom for to win
Stand up now coders all

The venture capitalist are all round stand up now, stand up now
The venture capitalist are all round stand up now
The venture capitalist are all round on each side the are found
Their wisdom so profound to cheat us of our internet
Stand up now stand up now

Your website they pull down stand up now, stand up now
Your website they pull down, stand up now
Your website they pull down to fright your men in town
But the venture capitalist must come down and the poor shall wear the crown
Stand up now coders all

‘Gainst lawyers and ‘gainst media stand up now stand up now
‘Gainst lawyers and ‘gainst media stand up now
For tyrants they are both, even flat against their oath
To grant us they are loathe free computers and drink and cloth
Stand up now coders all

The mess we have made over the last 40 years

Q. One of the problems we face is people creating bad feelings on this is that they think we are talking about values, that is challenging their feelings. For us this is obviously blinded, crap nonsense, for them, it’s their “truth”.

A. Indeed, Made worse by the affirmation that people can have their own self-validated “truths” that anyone must simply respect

Q. The problem is they are wrong in the basics, we are not talking about feelings, we are talking about history, we are talking about what used to exist and what obviously needs to exist anew. That is what is actually true, not what ignorant people “feel”. So to get anywhere, we need to bridge this mess.

A. How we phrase things is key, at least when trying to get some percentage of the masses on board. I’ve noticed that if the language even hints at “moving backward” they throw up their arms in disgust; “so we should just go back to the Stone Age!?”

Q. Yes, most things we say are true, people will reject and the more we push obvious history the more people push back. Challenging feelings is actually not allowed any more for the very intolerant minority, who help to keep this created social mess in place.

A. It’s properly fucked up nonsense

Q. Our mission is to trile and error a way of bridging this mess at the fediforum event, in the sense of what is the #openweb. This is a very off-topic subject for just about everyone at the event, so the #openweb is affectively #BLOCKED if we can’t find this path?

the mess we made

This is a good podcast

The mess we have made over the last 40 years, the main challenges facing humanity today – #climatechaos, the degradation of the biosphere, and growing global inequalities – are not separate issues, rather different facets of the same problem. This problem is the #neoliberal economic system that has spread across the world through globalization, promoting high production and high consumption lifestyles and prioritizing economic growth over environmental sustainability and social equity. The #deathcult we all worship.

The neoliberal dogma is not only incompatible with a functioning Earth System at the planetary level, but it is also eroding human and societal well-being, even in the wealthiest countries. Growing global inequalities are a direct result of this economic system, which prioritizes the accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few at the expense of the majority.

The consequences of continuing on the present trajectory are dire. Collapse is the most likely outcome. A transition to a more socialist economy is a path out of this mess. We need to prioritize social equity, which requires a fundamental shift in our economic system, where sustainability and equity are prioritized over short-term greed. Only then can we hope to build a sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations.

Archiveing the “commons” the #makeinghistorys project.

The #OMN are building this into the archiving nodes (see the #makinghistory project you can then choose to archive hashtags, and you can get a “lossy” view of what is backed up across the network you can see, so you can choose what to focus on your archiving then we rely on “institutions like liberys,, university’s etc to back this up in more structured ways. We just do the messy part, 🙂 so agen is a balance with no right path.

Messy is like good enough for most people, and good to have traditional institutions as a backup to this backup. Remember, all our data is #4opens so nothing is private. Privacy is done #p2p decrypted else’s where the best we offer is sudo anonymity through tor.

You can get a “lossy” view of what is backed up across the network you can see, so you can choose what to focus on your archiving. An archiving node is simply a normal node with a different template #KISS simplicity is where the value is.

This is central to the #OMN as it builds meany subject hubs, as you can’t scale storing everything. So a federated natural outcome, anyone can run one. When your database gets too full, you look at your “lossy/local network view of what is backed up and start throwing stuff away. If you are nice you though away stuff that has wide distribution of backup if you are nasty to throw away stuff only you have.

Looking at the paths out of the current mess

We need an effective way of communicating that all value on the #fedivers is cultural, the tech itself is a product of this #openweb culture. The #activertypub speck is an accident of this culture not being swamped become the #mainstreaming was not interested at the time

We have an increasing number of funders pouring money down the drain in #fedivers tech, when the source of the value #openweb culture that created this new “commons” is swamped by the mainstreaming agenda.

This #fediforum thing is going to be a hardcore invisible clash of cultures, all the #fashernitas who stood back from the #ActivertyPub push for the last 5 years are now flooding in, as are refugees from the encryptions mess. The language might be  #fedvers  BUT most of the people will not be. Let’s try and create focus, small steps.

#Mozfest Is on if you want to see posers, #fashernitas and general #NGO pointless. I did sign up but when the time came to log in I could not be bothered. I do use the browser, though.

We do need to express contempt for what a lot of the assumptions and agenda (often unspoken) our #NGO and #fashernitas crew push. Yes, it’s crap and pointless, so please say this, in most cases the “emperor’s” are not wearing any clothes. Express yourself, it’s needed.

The is going to be an increasing mix of #mainstreming people moving back to the #openweb we need much better tools and process to deal with the mess they bring with them as well as our own mess we have here. The is going to be a lot of prat’ish behaviour from both inside our #openweb movement and outside from the #dotcons we need a way to mediate this… as it’s obviously damage dressed up in #NGO clothing.

The problem with this negative circle is that it is self reinforcing, the prats, don’t like being pointed at as prats, and in reaction they dig deeper into prat’ish behaver. This damage is not helpful, we need fresh thinking, what do we do when “our” people act as prats. Ideas please?

The is a solution to this, the #OGB which mediates prat’ish behaver by democracy​


#OGB is a projects that grew from #socialhub

#SocialHub is a community-driven space that seeks to promote #activertypub, working with new models of governance and organization that empower communities. It is part of the larger #fediverse, which is a network of decentralized social media platforms that do not conform to traditional hierarchies and power structures.

The #OGB project, which is come from #SocialHub, aims to develop a more decentralized and autonomous model of governance by leveraging open-source technologies and building on existing fediverse infrastructure. The project seeks to find a balance between structure and flexibility, with a focus on involving community members in decision-making and empowering them to “natively” shape their digital spaces.

The project is guided by the principles of the #4opens, which emphasize openness, transparency, and inclusivity. However, there is a need to resist the urge to impose traditional liberal solutions and instead embrace original thinking that is native to the #fediverse and #openweb.

The project is still in development and seeks coding input to build this community best practice grassroots producer governance model to help focus on sustainable, inclusive, and equitable. Lets keep project focus on separating off-topic threads, discussions from mainstream dogmas and “common sense” to prevent trolling and maintain focus.

The project is available on Open Media Network’s repository on Gitea, and a remainder we like to focus on #KISS online tools to facilitate horizontal governance.

Why do people keep doing pointless self harm – news aggreation

There are hundreds (over the last 20 years likely thousands) of news, aggregation sites. It’s a common #dotcons model to inclose the “commons” people see free content and think I can capture that. The problem is news content looks like it’s free, but that’s because it’s “free” to spread, but it’s VERY expensive in human (and thus money) to produce the content. This side is never addressed in these failed projects.

We currently have #traditionalmedia all round the world pushing to be paid for aggregation and even search of their “product”. At #OMN and #indymediaback, we get round these issues as we add “value” by the #DIY labour of the meany people involved in the shared “commons” space. We are producing rather than “stealing” in the #mainstreaming view.

It’s normal that the top-down news aggregators are seen as parasites, and the bootm up aggregators as adding value. For a few years of #indymedia growth, #traditionalmedia was using #indymedia as a “news” source, this shaped the #mainstreaming agenda, adding value to both paths.

When the #openweb we were building was ripped apart by internal and external pressers and agenders, the #DIY value was captured by the #dotcons such as #Facebook and later #twitter (when it left it’s open’ish path).

The first step away from the current mess is to recreate the “commons” to bring the value back from the #dotcons capture, this should be more possible now as we are building from the #Fediverse where this has already happened. What we do with this recreated “commons” is up to meany different groups/people, but let’s hold the #4opens and #PGA strongly in place to stop “common sense” enclosing attempts, which are constant pointless damage we need to work around.

To sum up, a key part of the #OMN is to recreate the data “commons” then it’s up to meany other groups to find useful things to do with this free to use non-commercial value. And yes lots of people will see the stupid path of enclosing this to capture the value for themselves, this is damage.

In capitalism, any non-owned value is seen as an opportunity to capture, enclosed and profit from. This is why we have copyleft licences in code, which is visibly failing and why we extend this to the #4opens to fail less 😉

This all comes down to the question of what we value. And for meany people, this is a blindness.

Thinking through composting the #techshit

The #openweb has many benefits, though it will not always be the right tool for all situations, there is a lot of mature tech available for privacy and control. The desire to mix these technologies comes from #mainstreaming liberalisms desire for social media to be private, rather than inherently public.

The decentralized #openweb and encrypted chat are obviously separate and should coexist without reproducing the mistakes of centralized #dotcons social media. Focusing on the #4opens and leaving hard privacy for individuals and groups in peer-to-peer encrypted chat is the “native” path.

Thinking through composting the #techshit. In our era of dead ideologies like post-modernism and neoliberalism, we need to build “bounded” projects that have clear boundaries, such as #4opens and #PGA, to keep us focused and resist #mainstreaming liberalism and right-wing ideologies. This helps us create a shared space of practice and direction for politics and technology. While “branding” can be powerful, caution is needed to not creating a sense of dogmatic tribalism in these movements #OMN

Good horizontalists understand theory comes from practice, and the basis of this is #DIY – working practice to build theory. Starting from theory lead’s to a dizzy mess that results in more #techshit to compost or academic wank. Instead. Building from grassroots DIY practices, such as #OMN, #Indymediaback, and #OGB, and then using theory from these practices.

We need to emphasize the importance of focus on the #openweb. Engage with this flow to practice activism and to avoid pushing mess.

Talking about tech – Inclosing the “commons” is a bad history for native society

White lies about security and privacy that we’re told to boot up mastodon, but this #openweb tech is literally dancing elephant troughing paper planes as a security/privacy model.

This is not the right tool for most of the “common sense” things people won’t, they will be better off with tech built for privacy and control, the is a LOT of this mature tech out there.

Inclosing the “commons” is a bad history for native society.

Let’s try and check focus on the “unspoken/unthinking” political aspect to this, much of this desire and proposed tech path comes from #mainstreaming liberalism where the Fediverse is not “native” to this thinking, coming from a more “trust” based anarchistic path.

I think a lot of this is down to ideas about “social media” as in social (one to mean) and media (news, what happened) that is telling the meany what happened, inherently a PUBLIC pastime.

Then we have encrypted chat one on one and in groups, this is inherently a private pastime.

In the #dotcons we have these mixed together, it’s a mess, that can only work because of centralization. Though this is also less obviously a black lie, as “they” do not actually respect the privacy they promise, and moreover their whole business model is based on this lie.

On the decentralized #openweb they have generally been separate, nice and tidy.

Can’t help getting a feeling in mean online threads, that the is in part an attempt to mix these things up, thus reproducing as “common sense” what the #mainstreming has been doing for 20 years.

We can have the best of both worlds without reproducing the bad #mainstreaminging mess, let’s focus on #4opens and what this means for “social media” and leave (hard) privacy for individuals and groups in p2p encrypted chat

What is the value of “bounded” projects

We need to build “bounded” projects because we live in the era of the #deathcult based on the dead ideologies of post modernism and neo liberalism. Both deny the possibility of the world we want to build. So “common sense” is not our friend.

The “boundaries” of #4opens and #PGA keep focus vs this “common sense”. We are lost with out this.

The #OMN are building tools for the “other” that’s us. “Them” are hostile, especially if they don’t understand “they” are. This is mainstreaming liberals, and right wing crew.

#PGA is about, horizontal giving us a shared space of practice, understanding and working for “politics” and the #4opens gives us the same for tech

They together create a boundary for us to focus Without this we have a tendency to fight and create mess. So it’s a soft/pourus “us” and “them” to provide focuses and direction. In a bad sense it is the badges of the tribe. In a better sense it’s the banners we fly at our gatherings, but this starts to sound a bit nationalist. So let’s not do this 😉

The subject of “branding”, flags, banners is a real balance, they have power… And we need power in horizontal movements.

This podcast is a interesting look at this as background thinking.