The #dotcon can not be fixed, the #fashernistas who keep flocking to new "ethical'ish" ones are a problem not a solution.


The #4opens:

Are a simple way to judge the value of a "alt/grassroots" tech project.

Open data – is the basic part of a project with out this open they cannot work.

Open source – as in “free software” this keeps development healthy by increasing interconnectedness and bringing in serendipity. The Open licences are the “lock” that keep the first two in place, what we have ain’t perfect but they do expand the area of “trust” that a project needs to work, creative commons is a start here.

Open “industrial” standards – this is a little understand but core open, its what the open internet and WWW are built from. Here is an outline

Open process – this is the most “nebulous” part, examples of the work flow would be wikis and activity streams. Projects are built on linking trust networks so open process is the “glue” that binds the links together.

The 4 opens

The # dotcon can not be fixed, the # fashernistas who keep flocking to new "ethical'ish" ones are a problem not a solution.   The #4opens: Are a simple way...

4opens archiving project

MAKING HISTORY The creation of a data soup of semantic enriched digital items on a redundant federated network around the world. The WitchesCauldron is a commons based on the 4opens...

Next 4opens projects

Am working on 3 new projects 2 of which are currently running. 1) #Witchescauldron a grassroots #4opens archiving project 2) Activist and NGO installs of a #4opens twitter...

Making History - Resistance Exhibition!

This is a project I partnered to kick off - needs new energy.  

Offering a real alternative to the dotcon world

This is a quite #reboot of the #openweb going on. This #4open project has nearly 1 million users It's one of the use it or lose it...

Don’t trust the #fashernista

Thinking about Uber and the dysfunction of Facebook. Its time to #reboot many part’s of the #openweb With the “visibility” of the failing of #dotcon such as #failbook privacy/obscured...

Power Politics of the "undead left"

I have found memories of fighting the Power Politics of the "undead left" during the London Social Forum many years ago - lots of knotted strings of organic garlic around the top "taking...

Open letter to 4 alt/grasssroots media groups about the openweb

DRAFT (please comment)   Building up alt/grassroots media would be nice to get a reply :)   NovaraMedia The Canary Reel Media Real News  ...

The Witches Cauldron - open activist archive

The Witches Cauldron The open activist archive is a data “commons” based on the #4opens and motivated by the #PGA hallmarks. We are aiming to create a data soup of metadata enriched...

Trying to unstall the roll out of OMN

Building up alt/grassroots media would be nice to get a reply :)   Hi guys,   Good to get a reply about this project from you.   OMN is a network of Open...
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Lets look at some open projects from the perspective of the #4opens - Mastodon

Open data – YES Can I save my data?

Yes, some of it! It‘s under Preferences->Data export

Open source – YES


Version 3, 19 November 2007


Open “industrial” standards – YES We are using the OStatus suite of protocols:

  1. Webfinger for user-on-domain lookup

  2. Atom feeds with ActivityStreams, Portable Contacts, Threads extensions for the actual content

  3. PubSubHubbub for subscribing to Atom feeds

  4. Salmon for delivering certain items from the Atom feeds to interested parties such as the mentioned user, author of the status being replied to, person being followed, etc

Open process – YES its organised in a open way on Github

Bronze 2 opens
Silver 3 opens
Gold 4 opens

Mastodon is a “gold” 4opens project.