You are making a mess of social technology

From my prospective, a lot of people are being absolute prats on social/technology. This should be obvuse, but it’s not. We can take two paths, the first is to #block this, obviously making more pratish behaver. The second is to ask questions and grow, thus reduceing pratish behaver. in the era of #stupidindividualism which path do you think people take, and yes they are being prats on this 😉 Get off your knees comes to mind, and please be less of a prat.

The last 40 years of worshipping the #deathcult (#neoliberalism salted with #postmodernism has poisoned our communities by making individualism toxic. I am all for freedom, people can be stupid if they want to be, but I keep useing my freedom to tell them that this is pratish behaver that is toxic and self-destructive. It’s up to them if they want to act on this communication, and yes, the #stupidindividualism thing to do is to #block this communication.

In this, it’s up to YOU to get off your knees, to stop worshipping the #deathcult (neoliberalisam salted with postmodernism) and to look up to see you are making a mess of social technology.

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