Looking at #DIY projects

* The Village Butty project was a crucial part of the boater community in London, and its success was dependent on a balance between community value and money-making outreach. To keep the success of the #VillageButty project and the preservation of the boater culture in London, it was important to find a way to strike a balance between these two aspects. We failed.

* The London Hackspace was a valuable and important part of the alternative DIY organizing scene in the city. Originally set up and run by a competent invisible affinity group, the success of the space led to an increase in membership, which ultimately caused dysfunction within the group due to dilution and burnout of the original core crew. The affinity organizing became submerged into bureaucracy, which resulted in hard rules and conflicts between members in online spaces. This was reflected in the real world space to become dull and filled with low-level issues. It failed.

* The Hive Dalston started with good intentions, but ultimately fell into an ideological clash that became shrouded in personal politics. Without a clear vision, tensions between members were not addressed and eventually one side took over the running of the project, leading it to become a one-sided, ideologically driven entity that became part of the problem rather than part of the solution. We failed.

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